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Having an eppy

It pained me deeply, but I had to take a bus due to a ‘dead person on the track and closure of Northern Line’….

Anyway, I board the said bus…. and quickly realise that the driver has clearly got ‘a problem’ not quite sure what it might be at this stage but there’s an ‘air’ about him… as I boarded, man in front didn’t have an oyster card asked if his train ticket was valid… driver just stared straight ahead ignoring all passengers so eventually he shrugged and just got on… half way through people getting on he just shut the doors and drove off… quite fast.

So… he pulls into stop after stop along the route…. sits there for a second with doors tightly shut… staring ahead… then as people tap on door (bus half empty) he drives off…. couple of passengers on board are not allowed off.

Couple of stops later a man who wanted to get off goes to the front, taps on the driver window and rightly asks “excuse me, why aren’t you opening the doors?”

The driver slams the brakes on and bellows “I DON’T HAVE TO TAKE THIS ABUSE” the man says, don’t be so ridiculous, nobody has said or done anything to you, why won’t you let people on or off your bus? driver bellows “I WON’T HAVE PEOPLE BANGING ON THE DOORS!!” man says, “you had a couple of confused elderly ladies tapping on the door because they didn’t understand why they did not open… what is the matter with you?” Driver “I DON’T HAVE TO TAKE THIS ABUSE” (no abuse… everyone on bus now looking a bit worried) Driver just drives off… pretty fast, driving past bus stops erratically… people now calling out to him to stop, anyway, he eventually comes to a halt by a row of stops and shouts “EVERYONE GET OFF MY BUS THIS IS THE END OF THIS SERVICE, I WILL NOT PUT UP WITH THIS” he sat there in is cab just shouting to himself, shaking his fist and sticking his fingers up at everyone who asked what the matter was and when the bus would be moving again.

So we all get off. By this time around 4 busses had pulled up behind him and totally log jammed the road but he still refused to move.

Here’s the nutter!!


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