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Goodwood Sculpture Park

I spent a really wonderful afternoon with Dr G at the Goodwood sculpture park. We raced down through the country lanes of Hampshire, top down in my lovely Z4M (Oooh Mother…)  

Not far from the Racecourse, Goodwood House and motor museum is the Goodwood sculpture park.    

It hosts a really fabulous collection of contemporary sculpture placed in and around the estate overlooking the Sussex Downs. Some marvellous image opportunities for photographers!    

I wasn’t expecting it to be such a great place with so many varied and spectacular current exhibits – it’s really very special… the woodland footpath winds you through the trees to all the various exhibits – some are positioned with the expansive views of the Downs as a stunning backdrop.    

There is a fabulous array of sculpture to admire but my 3 favourites are:    

Icarus Palm – Douglas White    


It pays to pray – Rose Finn-Kelcey    

It pays to pray - Rose Finn-Kelcey


I’m Alive – Tony Cragg    

I'm Alive - Tony Cragg


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