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Balderdash and Claptrap

I just called to let you know.

Is it just me? (that’s rhetorical, I don’t really care if it IS just me)….

Not quite as brilliant as my Camberley graffiti find….. but nonetheless pretty impressive as punctuation errors go.

Trying to find a SonyVAIO – (I need it NOW!), I called nearby PC World. They didn’t have the laptop but I was overwhelmingly compelled to pass on my customer feedback to the manager. I explained that the 40 X 60ft banner, adorning the front of the Croydon superstore contained a typo. OK so we all make mistakes, but:

1000s of PC’s under one roof

I insisted that the Manger call me back with an estimated delivery time of the VAIO and also to complete sentence on the banner – PC’s what?

I didn’t hear back.

I bought my VAIO from Sony.

They don’t have superfluous apostrophes in their marketing materials and offer an altogether more pleasant shopper-experience than Purley Way in Croydon.


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