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Scotchland questions

Perhaps this is a Scotchland thing. Answering questions with questions.

Me “Excuse me, do you know if there’s a taxi rank nearby”?

Mrs Doubtfire “Do you know it’s a Freeedeee evening”?

Me “Yes I am aware that it is a Friday and the time, do you know where we can find a taxi”?

Mrs Doubtfire “Do you reeealise it’s thee Festivall”?

Me “Yep, I know, thanks, where where can I find a taxi”?

Mrs Doubtfire “Ooooow, weeeelll, errrr”

Ahh it’s ok now, I can see one. Thanks. Bye Scotsh speaking calendar clock lady*

(It might have been a man – the sex was not conclusively discernable).


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