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Balderdash and Claptrap


I applaud the Museum Of Bad Art.

There is such an abundance of rubbish out there in ‘art land’, ranging from the monumentally bad, a result of the artists’ complete absence of any skills OR hand-eye co-ordination whatsoever…  to the arrogant and pretentious shit stemming from an over-inflated ego, puffed by the bellows of sycophantic fools and critics, eager to ‘love’ the latest thing or the existing thing that is deemed to have critical acclaim.

I hate over intellectualisation of art just as much as I detest the amoeba who repeat like sheep “I don’t know much about art but know what I like” or “you wouldn’t want to hang it on your wall”.

Missing the point, thickies.

Therefore, shit art deserves a place where it can be proudly upheld for being precisely that.. shit. I’ve seen a few things around the place, on one or two shit-art blogs, that I might send them.

How does one choose ones favorite worst thing? Fuck knows, here’s mine anyway.

I like it because the artist is clearly having a breakdown and art is therapy, right?


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