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Little things please little minds

A phrase my Grandmother used (frequently) about some activity or other that I was busying myself with. Like deriving outward pleasure at successfully irritating my younger brother.

Other favourites in her repertoire were “neither a borrower, nor a lender be” and “beware your sins will find you out” both hold true today. Shave her head and call her Buddha…. (not something she said, that’s me talking now).

She also used to say that if you found a white feather then you’d been kissed by an angel. I found one today and thought of her. I thought of all her funny little things, like always insisting I took a ‘goodie box’ of home-grown veggies and home-made chutney and jam  home, strapped to the back of my motorbike and the way she remained impartial in family squabbles.


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Irrelevant. Not a lover or a fighter. I run with scissors. Boil me the bag but thaw before freezing. Last fuel for 134 miles. Liar. Sometimes funny. I don't suffer fools. My words are for my amusement. If you read them great, if you enjoy them, even better..... If you don't like them at all... then you've made my life complete.

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