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Elastic queuing systems

Step into any bank in the UK and you will find a queue for the counter. 

Curiously, the automated machines remain available. Lack of ‘trust’ in systems and machinery. Curious because they are likely to be more accurate than the dumbot behind the counter. 

Anyway, the queues. A strange thing happens if you don’t take a baby step forward into the space vacated when the person in front of you moves forward. If you pause and wait a little bit.  

I like to wait about three times so I can enjoy doing big giant steps at a significant pace. Most people don’t like that one jot though. Try it. Seeing a vacant patch of floor ahead makes people agitated and I just don’t understand why. You’re not holding them up, you’re still going to take your turn when it comes, nobody is going to miss anything but these odd people become troubled if they can’t do the baby step thing. 

My bank. Yesterday.




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