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AGAst At Homely Home County Home Polka Dot Overdose

If you are female and live in the home counties, the chances are that you’ve wholeheartedly embraced the cutesy polka dot kitchen-and-home wares trend with every fibre of your fluffy adorableness.

This twee, personality devoid ‘lifestyle choice’ spills out from *‘The Lemon Tree’ in bagfulls (recycled with amusing I’m not a plastic bag slogan). Clutched in the manicured hands of saturday mumsy and matching saturday daughter enthusiasm. And it has me reaching for my sick bag (non-bio degradable of course).

The nauseating queen of pastels Emma Bridgwater has teamed up with country lifestyle cooker of choice maker AGA, to produce the ultimate in domestic monstrosities. The I AM somebody, I AM, really I AM….. I’m the mistress of baking I am…. a wanna-be-wholesome-2.4retrievers-kitchen goddess…..

Personally, I’m waiting for the Emma Bridgewater Range Rover collection.

* The Lemon Tree – is a Surrey based gift shop chain where you are guaranteed to find ‘just the thing’ in hues of ‘heavenly adorable’ for Poppy and Georgia’s party.


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