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I saw this last year at MOMA in San Francisco.

It comprises black poodles gathered around a white baby.

I like works with sequence and order, and I like this. However, when I’m looking around a gallery I am often irritated by the complete nonsense in the artist rationale and the ensuing press critique…. monumentally over-intellectualised and up it’s rear end.

For example; with absolutely no thought whatsoever I can write the following….

Meet a black dog once for joy, twice for sorrow. Here the artist uses traditional folklore figure of the black dog to represent darkness and danger and to create a sense of foreboding omen. The tightly formed circle offers no escape for the baby, symbolising the endless struggle of human endeavour and hope that a newborn brings.

It’s utter bullshit.

Personally I think it would work better with dachshunds. I can’t see the point of poodles.


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