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Third person

People who talk about themselves in the third person.

Are cunts.

So are people who use apostrophes where they are not required.

Many photos are not photo’s. You amoeba.

Cunty cunty cunts.

P.S. If you ever find me saying things like “Today Parakitamol will be going for a walk with her dog, I wonder what adventures lie in store for her?” Shoot me. Shoot me dead.

That’s all.


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Irrelevant. Not a lover or a fighter. I run with scissors. Boil me the bag but thaw before freezing. Last fuel for 134 miles. Liar. Sometimes funny. I don't suffer fools. My words are for my amusement. If you read them great, if you enjoy them, even better..... If you don't like them at all... then you've made my life complete.

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