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Tea stirring

Today I was rudely reminded just how much I detest people who stir their tea or coffee too long and too noisily. If you are guilty of this, please stop.

If you also leave the spoon in your cup when (eventually) finished, then you probably live in a caravan and won’t read this, well actually you may have the internet on stolen bandwidth, but you’ll whizz by in your search for livestock porn.


Author: parakitamol

Irrelevant. Not a lover or a fighter. I run with scissors. Boil me the bag but thaw before freezing. Last fuel for 134 miles. Liar. Sometimes funny. I don't suffer fools. My words are for my amusement. If you read them great, if you enjoy them, even better..... If you don't like them at all... then you've made my life complete.

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