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Fuck awful blogs.


I like to read interesting things, I like to read about new, unusual and funny things. I don’t even mind if they are quite dull things that someone has tried hard to make interesting. I will gladly exchange my time for an item of interest.

I don’t like to read about peoples tedious lives and terminally dull blogs about their tedious lives. 

Here is a plant  I put it in a pot I put it in my garden (insert four pictures) I watered it (insert further photographic proof) . Here is some crusty bread (insert photographic proof). I had a snack (photographic proof includes of crumbs on a plate). “Mmmm lovely” (please tell us more about your bread experience, wise one).  Here is a window (two pictures) . It is raining (and a picture to prove it… I’m glad because I didn’t believe you).

Today Parakitamol is buying a gun. First she will shoot those who write in the third person. Later she will come back and shoot those who write in the teeny tiny voice of:
– Their pets
– Their children
– Other inanimate objects


Author: parakitamol

Irrelevant. Not a lover or a fighter. I run with scissors. Boil me the bag but thaw before freezing. Last fuel for 134 miles. Liar. Sometimes funny. I don't suffer fools. My words are for my amusement. If you read them great, if you enjoy them, even better..... If you don't like them at all... then you've made my life complete.

2 thoughts on “Fuck awful blogs.

  1. Uhm…a bit afraid to leave a comment in case I have one of those god awful blogs…lol… but I tend to agree…especially mummy blogs… cannot stand them and the continuous play by play on what their offspring said/did on a weekly grocery shop/school run/playground run…

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