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Dreary O’Leary

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Clearly this has been created by a very junior marketeer……. but I utterly love it for all its wrongness.

Maybe he's spotted another deliberate mistake

The beach has long been a popular destination for many Irish tourists….. those happy in love people who wear the entire George at Asda collection and spend their days pointing out wonderful worlds to each other. Popular also for cycling barefoot. Irish sand is special, you can cycle on beaches without a care in the world, not sinking and, if you were trying to commit a crime it’s perfect because bicycles don’t leave tracks and don’t sink when resting on their side stands.
It’s so wrong it might possibly have been intentional….I wondered if this was a ‘spot the mistakes’ competition to win a brilliant free RyanAir prize…. so I circled all the errors and sent it in to Mr O’Leary himself.
I’ve just been awarded a great big sack of fuck off.
Thanks Michael!

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