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Just back from the Edinburgh Fringe, had a fabulous time. It’s a great city for a long weekend break and the Fringe is buzzing with stuff to do.


One thing really got my goat. That was the miserable selfish fuckwits, who can’t sit their fat arses down and shut the fuckety fuck up, for one short hour.

1 hour is not long. We have paid to see this show. Paid because the artist something to say that is funny and entertaining. So why, for pity’s sake do these morons think they have the right to ruin it?

If you are guilty of this, then you’re a self-important twit and nobody likes you. 


Al Murray was great fun, thanks for the frozen chicken Al!
Paul Foot was surreal, as ever.
Rich Hall, surprisingly, could have done better.
Lloyd Langford was jolly good.
Russell Kane was neurotically outstanding.
Angelos Epithemiou was diabolical.
Wilfredo was not equal to his sum in hype.
Nicholas Parsons was tired.
The BBC 4 live show was abysmal.
Nina Conti was amusing

That’s all.


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