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Hmmmnnnn…. what could one possibly buy that makes you look more of a cunt than Crocs?

Ah haaaa, let me present the espadrille; nature’s answer to the rubber club foot.

You utter twat.

On the other hand… I suppose going the whole hog and wearing these ridiculous emperor’s shoes with your emperor’s harem pants and smelly second hand clothes is quite co-ordinated in a rag and bone type way.


Author: parakitamol

Irrelevant. Not a lover or a fighter. I run with scissors. Boil me the bag but thaw before freezing. Last fuel for 134 miles. Liar. Sometimes funny. I don't suffer fools. My words are for my amusement. If you read them great, if you enjoy them, even better..... If you don't like them at all... then you've made my life complete.

2 thoughts on “Espadrilles

  1. Excellent. The phrase ‘rubber club foot’ is the first thing this week that I’ve read that has actually made me LOL. Thank you x

    (My TV is broken & I’ve actually read quite a few things this week too)

  2. It makes me happy that you LOLd.


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