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Beautiful buttons

The Dachshunds went to Surrey Foam on Saturday, a great little craft shop that sells very little foam but quite a lot of everything else. Zips, yarn, thread, fabric, buckles, buttons you name it,…. they have it.

It’s also probably the most chaotic little shop you have ever seen! Empty boxes scattered around, muddled up shelves, products in the wrong place or dropped all over the floor, sheer chaos…. but a sort of nice, comfortable and homely chaos.

Wolfgang Dachshund loved the disorder, it made him very excited, he was dashing about with ribbons and paper trailing behind him…. Wilhelm sniffed a little, put his nose in the air and declared “this place upsets my freshly pressed sense of calm” as he serenely paid for his buttons and continued with his day.

Here are some of their lovely new buttons…

Buttons - Knitted by Dachshunds

Buttons - Knitted by Dachshunds


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