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Canaries in Colorado

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After going to extraordinary lengths to smuggle wooden knitting needles onto the 10hr flight – one of the wretched things broke. cubics knit pros…. shit pros more like.

Anyway, Colorado is stunning. Flying in to Denver over endless patchwork farmland is breathtaking, miles of agricultural symmetry. Then arriving at the giant cowshed, plonked on the edge of the city.

Collect the bags, turn left, the highway heads towards the wall of mountain. Winding for a couple of hours until Breckenridge at 2900m. Through the town to our stunning chalet at peak 9.

Breckenridge is an ordinary town with tourist stores, more importantly it hosts a fantastic ski area…… the chalet was amazing. Hey, if it’s good enough for Theo Paphitis, then it’s good enough for us.

After a hard day on the slopes what better than finding a treasure trove. We loved Canary In A Clothesmine and their cute little shop dog. Visit them their Facebook page here:

Yep, we’ll be back.


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