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Giant Dachshunds Easter Walk & Bone Hunt – 27th April

The knitting Dachshunds have been very busy planning a GIANT Easter walk for all their Dachshund friends (all small dogs are welcome of course)….Painshill

To be held at the beautiful Painshill Park in Surrey on 27th April from 11am – 2pm

Not only will there be a wonderful walk, lots of prizes and goodies, but we’re rasing money for a local rescue who does great work to rescue animals.

Last Chance Animal Rescue

Last Chance Animal Rescue

JOIN US and you won’t be sorry! Find out more about the day on The Dachshunds Anonymous Facebook Group…..

If you’d like to come then you will need to make a donation on our fundraising page Last Chance Animal Rescue to take advantage of the special £3 entry on the door and a free goodie bag to the first 50 people.

Every penny counts! You can download the Last Chance Animal Rescue Charity Walk Flier

See you there…. *woof*


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