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Wanted! Miniature Dachshunds to help with biomechanics study at Surrey University Vet School

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Dr. Constanza Gómez Álvarez, Lecturer in Musculoskeletal Biology at Surrey University Vet School, is looking for miniature Dachshunds (all coat types, any age or sex) to participate in a study at the Veterinary Biomechanics Laboratory at the new School of Veterinary Medicine.

The goal of the study is to gather data of healthy miniature Dachshunds to help establishing a quantitative method to study their core stability while standing and the way their back and limbs move during walking. This data will serve as a reference to compare with patients suffering from diseases causing decrease of stability and motor abilities like intervertebral disk disease and further to investigate new forms of rehabilitation to improve recovery time in these patients.

Jasper_on_treadmillDuring the study the dogs will be examined by a veterinary surgeon to check for lameness, and to establish the body condition score. Dog owners will be asked complete a questionnaire about the dog’s clinical…

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