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My young lad playing his Christmas keyboard – he’s a bit rusty and he had to play from memory….  but the kid done good 


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Project bankrupt part 5678

My early teen years were spent either in Bus Stop records (Bournemouth), where I flicked through the rows of Punk and New Wave vinyl, looking for stuff I coveted, either because I’d heard it already or because I figured it was worth a gamble (based mostly on how rebellious the scrawny band looked in their ‘Fuck authority’ promo shot). I made many prized purchases during those years, several of them (Sex Pistols, Never Mind The Bollocks and PIL, Metal Box) were stolen at some point during later years in shared digs. 

Well, I like imagine the thief is now happily ‘married’ to his cell mate, Billy ‘The Ball Bag’  in a high security prison….. Whilst I am now the happy and proud owner of a limited edition Jamie Reid artwork ‘Liberty’.

It’s taking pride of place in the punk dining room. 


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Project bankrupt part 4320

I really intended to blog our Victorian house renovation properly with lots of design features and refurbishment detail…. but I am essentially lazy and forgetful. Anyway – this year has seen fencing, major groundworks, partial re-wire, security, bespoke window replacements, guttering, drainage, damp course, floors and a little design – a few more pics of the project for now…. and plans afoot for the really exciting feature tower design in 2016.