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Zelda the attention whore


Zelda suffers from Obsessive Attention-Seekers Disorder.     

I wish she’d fuck off  – but she keeps coming back.     

Look at her, psssst…. look…. go on, look at her, look isn’t she clever, she’s doing a trick for you.        

Who lives in a face like this?


Attention Seeking behaviour…. look at me, look at me.

There is nothing more tragic than seeking attention and approval….. from people who are just not interested.

Like a man in the park a while ago. He took a full set of dumbells to a park on a Sunday morning. Arranged them in a row and did some weightlifting.

He thought the people glancing at him, were admiring him.

They weren’t, they were cringing with discomfort but too polite to say.

Like people who email you with tedious photos of themselves!…..Who cares? Have some dignity for heaven’s sake!.

Queen of the Castle

Apparently the Queen receives around 20,000 birthday cards…. hardly a surprising thing in itself.

Thinking about it though, I wonder what kind of tragic person goes out and chooses a card for her, pouring slowly over the entire range of Clinton’s finest faux floral tat and then actually sending it.